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Singapore, as an Asian country, ranks as one of the top 10 countries with the highest housing ownership in the world. This does not mean that residential property in Singapore is highly affordable; of course, it’s not! Singapore also ranks as one of the top 10 countries with the highest housing pricing as well, and by the year 2021, it has vastly increased in price since the government introduced new techniques of cooling measures for residential properties in Singapore.

As per the above reason, allocating an amount to buy or sell a property residential property in Singapore can be considered a huge financial commitment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check up on the prominent factors; from where you should buy the property or on what premises you are going to sell your residential property in Singapore

Why Nesh?

“He is on a mission to assist you in your real estate journey” – Nesh is here to give you his best services in regards to residential properties, to either help you out in buying a residential property, sell your residential property in Singapore or even place your residential property for rental purposes.

Nesh and his team provides his clients with the best solutions by gaining the maximum out of modern technologies, and will create long-term professional relationships. He will also provide his clients with much more personalised and valuable and considerate advice on the specific aspects, they should be knowledgeable in when purchasing or selling. And most of all, he has more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

He will be utterly considerate of the prominent factors such as your objectives, what type of property it is and many more factors so that it makes everything much more hassle-free for our clients.

You don’t need to worry about selling your residential property in Singapore.

Selling out your residential property with him would be just ideal, and you won’t have to worry as we have got you to make things easier.

First, Nesh will start off by understanding your main objective as well as your other goals, analyse it and evaluate it for you. Afterwards, he will provide you with the services of home styling and home make-over, a professional photo shoot, mass marketing on online portals and SMS targeting, bi-weekly catch-ups and also exclusive show flat experiences.

We know you need to buy a residential property, Nesh can help you choose the best one.

He believes that purchasing a residential property in Singapore needs to be up to a certain standards, and it should always be an asset for our client.

Hence, he is privileged to give the best of his services when you need to choose what’s best for you. Therefore, he is committed to hearing from you through a meet-up over the phone or zoom call so that we can easily schedule a time that is appropriate for you as our client.

He will comprehend and analyse the risks, and we will be planning them on behalf of the client. Moreover, he will indulge in providing the paperwork once the property is finalised and bring out proposals in regard to complimentary 3D proposals and professional ID advice.

And most of all, Nesh and his team will always be in touch even after the completion of sales!

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