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Can you buy landed property in Singapore?

Landed property in Singapore is vastly bought by Singaporeans who were born and raised in the country itself, yet that does not mean that citizens outside Singapore are not eligible to buy landed property in Singapore.

The fact that only changes for the national citizens and foreigners in Singapore are the rules that the foreigners will have much more strict and the approval to buy landed property in Singapore is mandatory.

And to let you know, there are three types of landed properties in Singapore, terrace-house, semi-detached house and bungalow.

This would be an excellent choice to go for, for a multi-dwelling family.

Why do you need to buy landed property in Singapore with Nesh and his team?

When things get out of hand, we are bound to make up a stand for our clients so that they can endure achieving their dream of buying a landed property in Singapore.

It does not matter whether you are a Singapore citizen or outside of Singapore; we will be helping you to with getting the required approvals to the maximum with proper documentation as well as in-depth research, and we will also be making a vast contribution to its analysis of consequences along with risk management methods which we think are crucial to be discussed.

Financial planning and time planning will be followed up with our clients to ensure that they do not get stuck during the process.

And we do not forget to update you on every inch of the process when you are to buy landed property in Singapore!

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