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Buy an executive condo in Singapore. Why is it an intelligent investment decision?

If you think private condominiums are quite expensive for you, and you still need to buy a condo, an executive condo is one of the best options you can make, and let’s call investing in these “sandwich flats” quite an investment.

Cheaper than the private condos, they will still have the amenities of swimming pools, gyms and other enjoyable amenities which you might be looking for.

The rules of HDB bound the first 10 years of an executive condo, yet in the 11th year, you will rise and shine since you can get the executive condo in Singapore privatised and keep it for yourself or maybe all it off to a higher price than you purchased it.


Why do you need help from the property management team before you buy an executive condo in Singapore?

Investing in a condo can be a tremendous liability for anyone out there. Beginning from the financial aspects, moving forward to check on eligibility criteria, rules and regulations and finding a location for your preference can be a massive process to be dealt with as an individual person.

Yet, at Nesh Property Real Estate Team, we team up with our clients to provide a hassle-free service to relieve a great deal of stress. More like clients watch, and we do the work!

Our in-depth analysis, research, and bi-weekly meetings are absolutely going to help you in clarifying your doubts and issues and making your dream to buy an executive condo in Singapore come to reality!

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